Sunday, May 26, 2013

We have currently raised enough funds to purchase and pass out 40 goats, however our goal is to pass out 80 goats this summer. Here is some additional information for anyone interested in donating a goat to this project:

We are currently in Uganda and will be purchasing and passing out goats within the next few months. Fundraised money goes directly into the project for the purchase of goats to pass out to the communities. This is where you have the chance to purchase a goat for a family in need. The majority of our beneficiaries are women and children who have lost family members to HIV/AIDS. The goats help these women to make a small income which helps send their children to school and feed their family. The beneficiaries are only loaned a goat once they have shown dedication and commitment to the program. Once the goat is bred and has reproduced, the loan is repaid as the offpsring enter the program and are passed on to new members.
The cost of a goat in Uganda is $50. With this donation you will receive a picture of a goat with its new family. There are no administration fees and all donations will go directly to the project. Goats will be hand delivered by us and our colleagues. To make a donation please contact Barbara Souther at or 250-652-2906 in Canada. Please include your address and number of goats you purchased so we can send you a picture at the end of the summer. Charitable donation tax receipts available through Vets without Borders can be issued. Thanks in advance, your help is greatly appreciated!

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